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Check Your Attic for These Used Items Worth Money

Lot of stuff and clothes hanging in the attic
When looking around your house for stuff you can sell or pawn, your first thought may be commonly pawned items like expensive jewelry, guns, and fancy electronics. But, in fact, you might have a number of old items lying around the house that could be perfect for selling at a pawn shop. Here are a few examples.
Old Toys
Still have some of your childhood toys — or your kids' old toys — hanging around the house? They could be worth some money to collectors. While not all toys are automatically collectors' items, a little online research will help you determine what might be valuable within your collection.
Old board games are often good sellers, for instance, particularly if they have the original packaging, all or most of the pieces, and miscellaneous instruction guides. A classic Monopoly set might earn you several hundred dollars, for example.
Other great options for toys with value include anything that was iconic for its era — such as dolls based on popular TV shows or movies — or that is part of a large and popular collecting category, like Star Wars items or Barbie accessories.
Vintage Video Games
Like old toys, collectors with an eye to the nation's collective childhood memories often love early video games. Look for games and controllers from the early 2000s if possible. Sega Dreamcast and old Gameboys are hot commodities in the vintage collecting market. Even more modern vintage stuff, like Xbox and GameCube units, can fetch a decent (if not spectacular) price.
Classic Electronics
Your old stereo or iPod might look like a throwback to an uglier time, but there are enthusiasts interested in much of it. Some people just like the function of older electronics like the tiny iPod Nano, and other folks are collectors who document the history of modern electronics.
As with toys, look for small electronics that represent an era (like the Sony Walkman) or an important jump in technology. And devices to hold music somehow remain almost universally popular.
Don't despair if your electronics aren't completely functional. Some items, like old televisions or radios, may still be valuable to history buffs and antique collectors for their great appearance.
Photographic Equipment
Were you or a family member really into photography in the past? Don't throw out old cameras or related equipment without checking out their value. While cameras and camera accessories are more of a niche market than many other electronics, you can still get a good price for them.
Used DSLR cameras are the best sellers, but you can also do well with antique photo equipment and iconic brands or steps in photography technology. If the goods are particularly valuable, a pawn shop might even take a nonworking camera.
Early Computers
Perhaps the best way to make money with used items is with old computers. An original Apple 1, for instance, can easily sell for more than $15,000. Early home-built machines like the Mark-8 can also fetch $10,000 or more. Why the huge price difference from other used items? Unlike games, toys, and personal electronics, computers were bulky, expensive, and less ubiquitous. Fewer were made and fewer have survived to this day.
Enthusiasts tend to like particular models and manufacturers, so keep an eye out for Apple products, Commodore 64 machines, and Japanese or other foreign equipment. Other great choices include computers that had to be built from parts and ones that incorporated different pieces. Generally, the more difficult it was to get or assemble a computer, the more valuable it's likely to be.
Not sure where to sell your vintage toys, electronics, or games? Start with a visit to 2 J's Pawn and Gun in Davie, Florida. Our sales experts can help you get a great price for items just lying around your attic or basement, all while making the sale as easy on you as possible. Check out our store in person or online today.