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6 Unconventional Places to Find Unique Holiday Gifts

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Tired of the same stores and retailers when shopping for holiday gifts? Give something distinctive that is sure to please anyone on your gift list. Visit these six unconventional yet unbeatable places to find distinctive gifts this holiday season.
1. Pawn Shop
When you think about going Christmas shopping, a pawn shop might not come to mind, but it should. You can find so many cool, high-quality gifts at your local pawn shop for all ages and typically at a discount from retail prices. Browse pawn shops in your area for simple, stress-free shopping and buy the gifts that your recipient really wants.
Some great gift ideas at your favorite pawn shop include:
  • Fine jewelry for him or her
  • Brand-name and designer watches or timepieces
  • Vintage or collectible firearms
  • High-end electronics
Before you go out and pay retail for the latest video game or spend top dollar at a jeweler, check out the pawn shop to see what is in stock.
2. Grocery Stores
You can put together some great gifts from a grocery store, and they won't cost a bundle. Consider giving a family a gift card to the store for their holiday meal or handcrafting a fantastic fruit basket for them to enjoy.
Edible gifts are always a clever and cost-effective approach. Make your gift basket special with the addition of high-end preserves, fancy chocolates, or a bottle of wine - all from your local grocery store.
3. Online Auctions
Another venue for a unique gift is an online auction. You can uncover sports memorabilia, toys, art, and any unique or hard to find item without leaving the comfort of home. Make sure to plan ahead for shipping time or only bid on items that are guaranteed to arrive for the holidays. This is also a great way to add to someone's collection, whether you find rare coins or action figures.
4. Your Home
As long as you follow some simple rules of etiquette, you can regift something sentimental or special to someone near and dear. First, don't give used or damaged items, unless the gift is something like a cherished photo or family heirloom. Second, don't regift something to the original gift giver - many people often consider that tasteless.
5. Favorite Restaurant
You can also find gifts worthy of the holidays at your favorite restaurant. Bring home a meal for a friend or neighbor or buy a gift card so that they can visit the venue with their loved ones, too. Again, even those tough-to-buy-for recipients often appreciate and receive edible gifts well. Just make sure that you are aware of any diet restrictions or allergies before gifting food.
6. Liquor Store
Finally, as long as your recipient is 21 years or older, consider a lovely gift from your neighborhood liquor store. A fine bottle of liquor can be the perfect gift - easy to wrap and affordable. Consider giving a rare vintage of their favorite wine or a special edition bottle of scotch whiskey.
Many liquor stores have promotional packaging and products during the holiday so you may find that your bottle comes with glassware, a holiday ornament, or a tee shirt, for example.
Need a holiday gift for someone special? Use these six ideas to inspire a gift that is both budgetfriendly and appreciated by whomever you share it with.
Skip the busy mall this holiday season and look for gifts that will please in some unconventional places. Try 2 J's Pawn & Gun for impressive and cost-friendly gift ideas, or consider any of these suggestions to find the perfect item for someone special, whether they be a coworker, friend, son, or daughter.