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Pawn Shop Loans in Hollywood, Florida


A Pawn Loan

A pawn shop loan is a great way to use the valuable things you already have in your home to get quick cash. Pawn shops must follow 14 federal regulations that make them a legal and secure place to find a loan. The process is fast and simple, allowing you to walk home with the cash you need.

Find the Collateral

The first step of getting a pawn loan is finding the right collateral. The higher value an item has the larger loan we are able to offer. 2 J’s Pawn & Gun will keep your item until your loan is repaid.

Determining the Value

Once you have chosen what object you will use, bring it into 2 J’s Pawn & Gun. We will expertly determine the value and give you a fair loan offer. Once the offer has been accepted, we will begin the paperwork.

Proof of Identity

We check identity prior to buying items or setting up loans. We only can accept collateral from those who are 18 years or older. Please remember to bring proof of identity when visiting 2 J’s Pawn & Gun.

Your Pawn Ticket

Once your item has been exchanged for a loan we will provide you with a pawn ticket. This identifies what object belongs to you. As such, we recommend taking a photo of this ticket and putting it in a safe place.

Pick Up Your Item

If your loan has been paid off following the terms of the contract, you will be able to come reclaim your item. Make sure to bring your pawn ticket back into properly identify and confirm the right object is returned.

Pawn Shop Benefits

Compared to traditional loans, pawn shop loans allow you to get your money faster and without the need for a credit check. Additionally, if you don’t repay, your credit score will not suffer. This option also allows you to turn in antiques and other treasures without having to part with them permanently.

Items to Pawn

  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Gold or Silver
  • Firearms
  • Ammo
  • Current Electronics
  • Antiques